We provide integrated solutions to our suppliers and our wide portfolio of technological infrastructures in the 81 Turkish provinces. Domestic shipping, container transportation, bonded and duty-free storage, distribution and lashing, private load insurance.

Domestic container transportation

Transport and import front load transportation from all ports for export shipments to all ports in Turkey can be carried out by road on a day requested by the customer. For this service, Greenline Logistics uses trucks specially designed for container transportation.

Lashing and load securing services

The most important factor in domestic and international transportation is the timely and safe delivery of materials and equipment. LASHING system (fastening, fixing) is one of the most important elements that ensure transport safety. Fixing the load placement before vehicle loading and unloading according to road conditions and the importance and sensitive structures of the loades we carry, loading and unloading, ship container loading and unloading, vehicle transfer and evacuation in special lashing standards, protects your loads against shocks and impacts with its wedge, straps, airbags and strapping systems.

Greenline Logistics, with its specialized personnel as the most sensitive unit of the service units and with repairing according to lashing rules, has put the safety of loades in the foreground so that our customers’ projects are not interrupted.

General Distribution:

Full Truck Distrubiton operations;

It completes tranformations of customers across Turkey by self-owned vehicles and sub-companies.

New vehicles are added to vehicle fleet day by day in order to present the best service to the customers.

It carries your in-city and domestic transformations as in safe, economical and insured by trucks, lorries and vans.

Partial Distrubiton

Greenline Logistics, thanks to agencies in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterrenean regions, makes regular and continous voyages.

Greenline Logistics, delivers your all kind of cargoes to the adress that you want with the assurance of GREENLINE, thanks to thanks to agencies in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterrenean regions by making regular and continous voyages.

Milk-Run Transportation

It is the delivery of our customers’ raw materials and processed materials to dealers and warehouses with a predetermined circular transport movement.

Why Milk-Run?

  • To prevent unplanned deliveries in different periods.
  • Due to lack of planning in item entry and exit control.
  • Because of high stock.
  • Due to use of different transport companies.
  • Loss of time because of transportation delays.


  • The entry and exit of the materials of the sub-industries at constant times.
  • High flexibilty in supply.
  • Accessibility to transporter and driver 24/7.
  • To reduce transporting costs and working with one transporter.
  • To Transport the metarials all together.
  • To use of modern vehicles.

Results of project

  • Ensuring more organized and planned work in material acceptance.
  • Standarization of processes of metarial acceptance in sub-industries.
  • Stock management based on targets.
  • Earning profit in transportation costs.

Advantages of Cross Docking Operations

  • It ensures productivity in product consolidation.
  • It reduces the need for storage and need for stock.
  • Provides faster product flow.
  • Deliveries are made more often and orders are completed faster.
  • Supports just-in-time strategies.
  • Costs are reduce.
  • It reduces the need for working days.
  • Decreases the damage rate.
  • Reduces the required storage space.

JIT Transportation;

Goods delivery to JIT Production

Just-in-Time Production (JIT) for our customers or for our customers who supply products to JIT manufacturing companies, we deliver products to the production line in the desired container numbers and on time.

Free-Zone Transportation;

We offering a transportation of guaranteed product service from free-zone.

We are responsible for the transportation of the export goods from the Free Zones to another customs area, the vehicles we have allocated for you, up to the customs.

We offering a transportation of guaranteed product service from free-zone.

Tranfers of your import from Istanbul Customs to the free zone, you are assigned a special and sealable vehicle and direct purchases are made from every point.

Airline Transport

For your export shipments from Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Göçen Airports, you can deliver your outgoing and incoming cargo to the warehouse of your choice and collect them from any warehouse.

Storage Services

In Greenline storages, we offer labeling, palletizing, pallet breaking, packaging and stock tracking services with a qualified and contemporary service approach.

In Greenline storages, we offer labeling, palletizing, pallet breaking, packaging and stock tracking services with a qualified and contemporary service approach.

We offer Storage, Handling, Packaging, Barcoding services, location – electronics, security system – has the advantages of advanced software technology, has a storage capacity in indoor and outdoor areas, we have a warehouse and distribution center.

Our Storages

  • Possibility stock positioning and rotation.
  • It provides comminicating with customers online.
  • Our storages are advantaged in terms of their locations.
  • Our storages are managed with advanced software technology.

Added-Value Operations

In line with the needs of its customers, Greenline performs internal storage operations with its expert staff, modern storage vehicles and electronic infrastructure where all operations are followed;

  • Stock control
  • Palletizing
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Repacking
  • Preparing an order
  • Boxing
  • Combining
  • Shredding
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