Partial & Full service Europe

In the European line we offer full or partial regular transports to many important countries in terms of export or import. Our partial transports to France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, England, Spain, Sweden and Norway are carried out weekly. Products received in our warehouses on weekdays are loaded into vehicles and shipped for customs clearance on the specified departure days. As is known, for complete shipments, the place of loading, time of loading and outgoing customs duty are at the initiative of the customer. Responses are received depending on the transmission of the necessary information by the customer to our company before the full transport and the organization continues in this direction. In partial shipment in Europe, the delivery point is the direct customer address, and our vehicles whose customs clearance procedures are completed at the entrance of the export country, contact the buyers, arrange the unloading date and carry out the shipment directly to their addresses. Through our existing customs office in Suben / Austria, we can provide export and import customs clearance services.

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